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Let's Play: Vermeillon Atelier (Kuala Lumpur)

For the past decade, James and Eunice have worked in various event organizations around Asia. They got together in 2013 and founded Vermeillon Atelier, their very own event company in the capital of Malaysia. Last December, the duo started conceptualizing Asia’s first retro-themed 5km-run.

“This is a self-initiated event – similar to movie-making, it is essential to find sponsorships. We started looking for possibilities and we’re really lucky to have 7-UP Revive Isotonic Drink as our title sponsor! Eventually, Uber and Citroen Automobile’s support came as the final boost to running this event.”

在过去的10多年里,James 和 Eunice 在亚洲的各个地方为各大品牌举办过活动。2013年,他们走到了一起,在马来西亚首都创办了自己的活动工作室 — Vermeillon Atelier。去年12月,他们开始打造与筹备亚洲首届以怀旧为主题的5公里竞跑。

“刚开始的时候只想搞一个属于自己的活动…… 但就像拍电影一样,需要找投资商。于是我们开始找品牌合作…… 很幸运在年初,7喜(7-UP)旗下的力威运动饮料(Revive Isotonic Drink) 成为了冠名赞助商!最终,还得到了优步(Uber)和雪铁龙汽车(Citroen Automobile)的鼎力支持!这令我们更有把握把活动进行到底。”

Not only did James get postcards from our e-shop, he has also invited us to document this upcoming event in Kuala Lumpur. Last weekend, we arrived at the 36°C tropic and joined them in distributing race packs to participants at Publika Mall. In a short time span of 3 days, we were introduced to the legendary “Rojak language” (consisting of English, Mandarin, Malay & dialects such as Cantonese; etc) and deeply moved by the dedication of his team. GOOD JOB!

James 不仅在我们的网店购买了明信片,还邀请了我们到吉隆坡去记录他们活动的过程。上周末,我们来到了摄氏36度的东南亚,在Publika购物商场和团队一起将礼包分到参赛者的手里。在短短的3天里,我们不只领略了传说中的 “罗惹语言”(混合了英语、华语、马来语和广东话等方言)也被团队坚持不懈的精神所感染。幸苦啦!

As we slurped on the divine spicy Tulang Curry and sipped the aromatic local blend Kopi...... we look forward to May 17's Revive Retro Run with much anticipation. Here, we holler BOLEH!‍ which means “O-YEAH!” in Malay.

我们吃着热辣辣的肉骨咖喱,喝着香浓的南洋式咖啡…… 期待着5月17日的力威·怀旧竞跑。在此,用最地道的马来语喊声:BOLEH!,也就是 “赞!” 的意思。

…… to be continued 待续 ……

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