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Swing my swing high 慢慢·快活

Summer dilemma – outdoors or indoors. The constant rain, perpetual mosquito ambush and that coat of stuffiness...

Eventually, we found our spot by the window. When the occasional wind find its way in, we watch the hanging mobiles twirl & dance~ go with the flow, and forget the melancholy. Swing my swing high~ is an imaginary state of mind. Give it a try.

连绵的雨~总是下个不停;可恶的蚊虫(!)总在外头埋伏;沉重的热浪,总缠绕着自己。夏日纠结: 出去 / 不出去……

最后决定挪到窗边坐,在室内挂些吊饰。风吹进来的时候,看它们在空中舞动…… 看得入神了,便不再闷闷不乐。慢慢 · 快活是一种新(心)的追求。试试吧。

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+ 冬季 WINTER +

嘿 Stranger...

Wish... you were here 希望…有你

新的开始… new beginning


+ 春季 SPRING +

from 上海 with love

it’s your day! 今天你说了算!

it’s been a while 好久不见


+ 夏季 SUMMER+


row row row your boat 划呀划呀划小船

慢慢 · 快活 swingmyswinghigh


+ 秋季 AUTUMN +

狂奔向你 drawn to you

( _____________ )

moving forward 前进!前进!前进进!

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