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Merrily merrily merrily merrily 欢快的 欢快的 欢快的 欢快的...... [II]

The weather was Seoul-fine; our mood was Seoul-high; every corner we've been to seemed Seoul-delightful (not forgetting the cuties)! Happiness is infectious, hope you’ll like our hand-picked delights ;)

不晓得是天气好还是心情好,总觉得首尔的每个角落看起来都如此的欢快(女孩也超可爱)!为让大家感染这份喜悦,我们特别挑选了一些欢快的小东西!希望你会喜欢 ;)

A6 Notebook (Yellow/Red/Green) ¥28 each

Decor Paper Flags ¥38 per set

Animal Origami Cards ¥88 per set

A6 笔记本(黄 / 红 / 绿)¥28 / 本

装饰小纸旗 ¥38 / 套

小动物折纸卡片 ¥88 / 套

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+ 冬季 WINTER +

嘿 Stranger...

Wish... you were here 希望…有你

新的开始… new beginning


+ 春季 SPRING +

from 上海 with love

it’s your day! 今天你说了算!

it’s been a while 好久不见


+ 夏季 SUMMER+


row row row your boat 划呀划呀划小船

慢慢 · 快活 swingmyswinghigh


+ 秋季 AUTUMN +

狂奔向你 drawn to you

( _____________ )

moving forward 前进!前进!前进进!

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