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it's been a while 好久不见

It’s been a while...... Last weekend, R. invited friends to Pulp Nation for a get-together. Over breakfast, we began recounting funny incidents in the past. Inundated with work, slogging away and hitting the bars after dark; we couldn't quite figure if it was breakfast or dinner that we had ;p

好久不见…… 上周末 R. 邀请朋友们到纸浆国度来聚会。在吃早餐的时后,我们开始聊起了一些过往的趣事。前些年,大家都卖了命地在工作,聚会总是在酒吧;酒后吃的,总搞不清是晚餐还是早餐 ;p

One fateful night in 2012, we decided to catch up over drinks. Unable to resist the “2 (bottles)-for-the-price-of-1” red wine special, we were on the track of no return. By the time we finished, some random gate leading home was locked! R. couldn’t stop laughing as she recalls: “And guess what?! We started climbing! Hahahahaaaaa.... at freaking 3am! It was soooo absurd yet hilarious!! We were ravenous and had no choice but to order McDelivery in the end! Note to self: Quit drinking and eating junk food.”

2012年的某一夜相聚,酒吧竟有 “买一瓶送一瓶” 那么诱人的红酒特价。简直叫人无法抗拒!回去后发现小区大门已经被锁上,R. 回忆时大笑: “不知为什么我们竟然开始爬…… 哈哈哈!太滑稽了!凌晨3点哦!之后,实在太饿了,结果只好点麦乐送!事后我不断提醒自己:要少喝酒, 少吃快餐!”

Some of us are meant to anchor in a city, making every visitor feel at home; while some are meant to hit the road constantly, visiting every home (away-from-home). We may not get much time together but each fragment leaves a lasting impression. This myriad of possibilities keeps us looking forward —— to our next rendezvous; our next destination.

有的人注定常驻一座城市,让所有到访的客人有“回家”的感觉;也有的人注定一直在路上,走访这一个个家外之家。我们在一起的时间并不长,但一点一滴却如此深刻。人生也因此多了无数可能性,无限期待 —— 下一次的相遇。


it's been a while

"Documenting fragments of life on paper"

We are housing some old pals at our studio, mid-April. Feel free to come play or collaborate in any way! See you in Shanghai ;)

Weekend Open-house:

49 Fuxing West Road No.7 Level 1

April 18/19

1 — 6pm



4月中旬,我们工作室将有老友到访。欢迎所有感兴趣一起创作的朋友过来玩!上海见 ;)




下午1点 — 6点

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it’s been a while 好久不见


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