Kamen (Singapore 新加坡)

As fashion stylist, there isn’t a label along Orchard Road that Kamen doesn’t know. Apart from styling editorial shots and dressing up window displays, he has choreographed and managed countless fashion shows.

Kamen 是个时装造型师,走在乌节路上,没有他不认识的品牌。他除了为时装品牌的平面广告和橱窗展示做造型外,也策划与编排过无数服装秀。

Late last year, Kamen received an invitation from The Insane Studio to work on their men’s apparel. This new beginning has been keeping him busy since... it was so inspiring witnessing his sketches materialize into form. We might even get him to launch his designs in Shanghai in the near future!

去年底,他欣然答应了 The Insane Studio 的邀请,为品牌设计男装。过去的几月他都在为这新的开始而忙碌…… 眼看他的设计慢慢成型,我们心里是非常兴奋的。说不定,完成后可以邀请他到上海来发布!

Terry, the founder of The Insane Studio, explained that the thrill lies in bring every ludicrous imagination to life. The crazier the idea, the bigger the challenge and that is what sets the adrenaline rushing. The studio specializes in conceptualizing unusual ideas and materializing them for their clients.

The Insane Studio 的主创 Terry 解释品牌概念的好玩之处在于疯狂的幻想。越疯狂,越好玩,越想挑战。他们专为客户量身定做,将一个个奇思怪想变成真。

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