Xinying Regulagedda (Singapore 新加坡/ India 印度) - II

新的开始 new beginning(印地文 Hindi)

今年,Xinying 和老公即将迎来


This year, a new life awaits Xinying and her husband, Akshay. They’ve just made a trip to India......

"Akshay and I are expecting our first little bundle of joy, and according to Telugu custom, we did a Seemantham function to bless mother and baby.

Akshay 和我正在期待着我们小宝贝儿的到来。根据泰卢固习俗,夫家都会举办一个为母子祈福的 Seemantham仪式。"

"It is mainly a ladies' function with my mother and mother-in-law (as well as her mother and mother-in-law). They presented me with gifts of clothings (which I put on one after another during the ceremony) as a form of well-wishing. Then there were bangles and sweets too, to convey their blessings.


"Akshay's dad wrote a classical poem for me (on the poster behind me in the photo) and his paternal grandmother also wrote three songs. My sweet Hokkien-karaoke-loving dad even proposed a musical collaboration with Akshay's grandmother!

A baby is not just a new life, but also a new stage of life for us, and for our parents who are becoming grandparents for the first time.

Akshay 的父亲为我写了一首古典诗(图中挂在我身后),他的奶奶则为我创作了3首歌。而我那爱唱福建歌的老爸,竟然提议和 Akshay 的奶奶一起合唱,令我好感动!"


Special thanks to Xinying & Akshay, for sharing their trip to India

特别感谢 Xinying & Akshay 与我们分享印度之旅

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