Xinying Regulagedda (Singapore 新加坡 / India 印度) - I

Back in 2003, when Xinying was awarded a scholarship from Singapore Press Holdings, she made an unconventional decision to major in Economics at the Peking University. At that point of time, it seemed rather absurd as most of her classmates were headed off to England or the United States to further their studies. Upon graduation, Xinying made a swift return to Singapore as a journalist for the Shin Min Daily News, covering accidents and breaking news.

早在03年获得新加坡报业控股奖学金的 Xinying 与众不同地选择到北京大学念国际政治经济学。在那个时候,这是非常出格的,她周围的同学们不是到英国就是美国留学。学成归来之后,她便在新加坡「新明日报」当记者,专攻意外和突发新闻。

In 2011, she made yet another astonishing move when she invited her friends to Hyderabad (India) where she was married to her Indian boyfriend of two years! The exotic wedding was filled with vibrant decor and local traditions.


This marriage has been a wonderous new beginning for Xinying and her family in many aspects, from culture to lifestyle... in the last 4 years, she’s learnt a new language (Hindi), mastered the essence of Indian culinary and built a wonderful relationship with her mother-in-law! We are so proud of her!

跨国婚姻对她和家人来说不论在文化上和生活中都是新的开始…… 4年来,她不仅学会了一门新的语言(印地语),还掌握了印度料理,甚至连婆媳关系也完全搞定!我们太为她感到骄傲了!

Special thanks to Xinying, for sharing her wedding with us

特别感谢 Xinying 与我们分享了她的婚礼

Wedding photos by 婚礼图 : Daniel Ding / 陈思源

...To be continued 待续 ...

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