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new beginning 新的开始 | R.


R. helms the position of Creative Director at BEAMY, and is also the founder of Pulp Nation. Last summer, BEAMY moved to its new location along Fuxing West Road – with it comes a space that R. envisioned to be utilized for something interesting. Life and work happened, and so the space in the little corner stood empty...

One fine afternoon, R. decided to fill up the space with the things she loves... whilst she was at it, she suddenly remembered that initial dream of setting up a little stationery shop. Perhaps only with time, one would revisit the “what-am-I-really-waiting-for” thought and thanks to that, Pulp Nation happened.

R. 不单单是成亮的创意总监,也是纸浆国度的主创人。去年夏天,成亮搬到了复兴西路的工作室,空间显然比原来的地方大多了。但生活依然忙碌,她依然不分昼夜的工作…… 因此多出来的空间也就一直空着。

直到有那么一天,她心血来潮地把自己所喜欢所感兴趣所收集的东西摆放到空间里。顿时想起了当初的理想——开间纸制品的小店。或许真的要经过时间的沉淀才会问自己 “到底还在等什么?” 于是,纸浆国度诞生了。


Ever since the message project was launched, Pulp Nation has received many positive feedbacks. And of course, there were also inquiries on how to “play”.

“Starting with simple messages, we hope to motivate like-minded people... from writing a postcard to heading off to an adventure, or perhaps producing something together with us or even an event... we are game!”

从她发布了 “一月一语” 的项目以来,有很多志趣相投的人开始关注。当然,也有很多人不明白她所谓的 “一起玩” 是什么意思。

“我们希望能通过简单的一句话,推动大家的主动意识。从提起笔写明信片到拎起背包去远行,甚至一起创作或策划一个活动什么的…… 应该都会很好玩!”


Having received many international design and creative awards and recognitions, R. has created works for many established brands, Pulp Nation represents a “new beginning” ...... quite a challenge with R.’s line of work. Excited about what lies ahead, she shares this initiative with her clients. Maybe someone would take an interest and make work more like play ;p

获得不少国际设计大奖的 R. 一向为大牌客户设计品牌,所以纸浆国度象征了 “新的开始” …… 这个挑战很大,因为要在忙碌之余不忘初衷。她兴奋地期待前方的路,还把这份发自内心的喜悦与她的客户分享。或许会有感兴趣的人,到时能将工作和理想靠拢也说不定!


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Pulp Nation has launched a monthly message project that
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+ 冬季 WINTER +

嘿 Stranger...

Wish... you were here 希望…有你

新的开始… new beginning


+ 春季 SPRING +

from 上海 with love

it’s your day! 今天你说了算!

it’s been a while 好久不见


+ 夏季 SUMMER+


row row row your boat 划呀划呀划小船

慢慢 · 快活 swingmyswinghigh


+ 秋季 AUTUMN +

狂奔向你 drawn to you

( _____________ )

moving forward 前进!前进!前进进!

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