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Your Niche Travel Guide 你的另类的旅游指南

Unlike the usual travel guides, A LITTLE BEIJING introduces a whole new way of travelling – simply by being spontaneous. Based on a route less travelled, it is a seven-day tour to places off the beaten track. The design of this publication stirs clear away from the conventional format of perfect-bound guides, and in the result of doing so, enables free and easy travel as well as journey documentation.




The colourful routes and the itinerary distinctively differentiates the daily tour. Photographs, maps and descriptions are put together to make 60 postcards. With A LITTLE BEIJING, travellers no longer need to fuss over heavy guides. They are only required to carry approximately 10 pieces of postcards each day. Upon visiting a place, they are free to inscribe or scribble their thoughts and feelings (and even new finds) at the back of the postcards, then mail them back home. Eventually, they will receive the full documentation of their adventure in the post – with stamps of authenticity. Of course, for those who are more adventurous, simply pick a card and start on a random note!

彩色路线和行程表清楚描绘了七天的旅程。明信片以最简短的文字,鲜明的照片和详细的地址让人一目了然。一天的行程,最多只需携带十张明信片。每去一个地方,就在背面做笔记后寄回给自己。回到家后,将一一收回盖上邮戳的旅程记录。当然,旅者也可以潇洒地任凭挑选一张明信片,想去哪儿 就去哪儿。


Linzy – the creator of A LITTLE BEIIJING - grew up in Singapore which got us really curious... apart from the countless shopping malls and touristy sites, is there somewhere that is truly special to her?

“It will have to be Lower Seletar Resevior. This is the only place that sets my heart at peace. You could call this ‘outskirts’ of Singapore but it is infact about 12km away from Orchard Road (city)... somewhat like travelling from Shanghai South Station to Jing’an Temple!”


“那应该就是实里达蓄水池下段了。这是唯一让我觉得平静的地方。可以算是新加坡的‘郊区’但实际上离市区乌节路也不过12公里 ,大概就像从上海南站到静安寺的距离吧!”


Sunrise at Lower Seletar Reservior


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+ 冬季 WINTER +

嘿 Stranger...

Wish... you were here 希望…有你

新的开始… new beginning


+ 春季 SPRING +

from 上海 with love

it’s your day! 今天你说了算!

it’s been a while 好久不见


+ 夏季 SUMMER+


row row row your boat 划呀划呀划小船

慢慢 · 快活 swingmyswinghigh


+ 秋季 AUTUMN +

狂奔向你 drawn to you

( _____________ )

moving forward 前进!前进!前进进!

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