A Little Something 一点心意

Linzy often joke about being a jolly mother of two. Her firstborn – A Little Beijing - was a niche travel guide that received the Red Dot Design Award 2008. The following year, it was featured in PSFK's “Good Design in 2009” and showcased at Frankfurt Bookfair - “Books on China”.

Linzy总爱打趣地说自己是两个孩子的妈。她的第一个宝贝《一点北京》是一本另类的旅游指南,2008年问世,获得了当年的德国红点设计大奖。随后,被美国PSFK创意大会纳入为 “Good Design Ideas in 2009”,并且在德国法兰克福 “Books on China” 书展中展出。

A LITTLE SOMETHING (a notebook pocketed with 12 short stories) is the second unconventional creation Linzy has produced as an indie bookmaker. The story revolves around an insurance agent and the characters he met...... if anything is possible, what would they want to insure in life?

《一点心意》是她身为独立创作人的第二个创新尝试: 一本收藏了12个故事篇章的笔记本。故事以一个保险经纪的经历为背景;他的遭遇和他所碰到的人…… 如果凡事都有可能,这些人要为什么买保险?

Interestingly, the images in each story are documentations of the various countries Linzy has travelled to. A different landscape, a switch of perception and a change of mindset…… she created this specially for the busy working crowd – hoping to instil some positivity in their hectic schedules and perhaps, cheer them up a little.

有趣的是,故事中的图片记录了Linzy游走过的国家。这是特别为忙碌的都市人所设计的,她希望明信片和一个个故事篇章能带读者走进另一个国度抑或另一个人的内心世界;看另一种风景,换另一种处事心态。在面对问题的时候,不要忘了深 - 呼 - 吸。

We are bringing Linzy’s book installations to Shanghai!

我们将把 Linzy 的展示品带到上海!

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