Ready to Play!!! 准备要玩!!!

Over the last couple of weeks, we've received inquiries on “How to play?”. We would like to feature as much interesting person/place as possible... but there are no hard and fast rules to who? where? when? what? As long as you are keen, we are ready to explore every possibility of play! Reply "play" on wechat or email

过去的几个星期里,收到了许多热情的回复,问我们 “怎么玩?” 。我们想分享生活中每一个有趣的人或地方…… 与谁?在哪?何时?做啥?其实没有任何规定。只要你感兴趣,什么都有可能,因为我们准备好了!微信回复 "play" 或电邮

This is by far the busiest week, as we "√" the items off our checklist, such great sense of satisfaction and immense excitement! Simple messages to warm someone’s heart this winter season~

在备忘录打 "√" 时,我们还是比较兴奋的,这是项目开始以来最紧凑也最有满足感的一周!今年冬季,用简单的话语温暖某人的心吧~


嘿 Stranger...

明信片 Postcard ¥6 (x1) 杯垫 Coasters ¥25 (x4) * 特价 Bundle Delight ¥28

明信片 Postcard (x1) + 杯垫 Coasters (x4)

12月 DECEMBER ‍Wish... you were here希望…有你

明信片 Postcard ¥6 (x1)

贴纸 Stickers ¥15 (x1) ¥42 (x3) *

特价 Bundle Delight ¥32

明信片 Postcard (x1) + 贴纸 Stickers (x2)

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+ 冬季 WINTER +

嘿 Stranger...

Wish... you were here 希望…有你

新的开始… new beginning


+ 春季 SPRING +

from 上海 with love

it’s your day! 今天你说了算!

it’s been a while 好久不见


+ 夏季 SUMMER+


row row row your boat 划呀划呀划小船

慢慢 · 快活 swingmyswinghigh


+ 秋季 AUTUMN +

狂奔向你 drawn to you

( _____________ )

moving forward 前进!前进!前进进!