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Public Garments

Public Garments

Shanghai streets truly unique scenes, even as they’re fading into memory in this ever-changing city in the throes of modernization, PUBLIC GARMENTS captures scenes of various clothing hung outdoors for drying – amusing, poetic, with a tinge of nostalgia, and brimming with local life.

The wooden clothes pegs included in the box set serve as a souvenir as well as a reminder to conserve energy – drying clothes without using a dryer. They can also be used to clip photographs, postcards and anything as far as your imagination would take you.

PUBLIC GARMENTS received the Red Dot Design Award 2010.



  • Details

    Publisher: Ronn Lee & Kerli Teo
    Flexicover, 170mm x 170mm, 166 pages
    Language: English and Mandarin
    ISBN: 978-981-08-3039-7
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