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In the recent year, we've made lots of foreign friends who are eager to learn Chinese. To make learning more interesting, we've decided to start the lesson from the dining table. Once they've had their fill from the BAOs, fridge magnets are introduced to help them differentiate types of BAOs followed by a handbook with information and writing space for personal notes! 


This project has received international recognition such as Hermes Platinum Award, A'Design Graphic & Communication Award, Graphis Design Annual Award as well as
K-Design Award.




这项创意获得了 Hermes 国际创意大奖的白金荣誉,米兰的 A'Design 视觉艺术奖, 纽约的 Graphis 年度设计大奖以及韩国的 K-Design Award.

Pulp Nation launched a monthly message project to encourage everyone to pen a note to someone special. Get our products here!


Pulp Nation's handpicked paper products...... more to come!

纸浆国度精挑细选的纸制品…… 还会有更多哦!

Pulp Nation products are of very limited stock and reprints are highly unlikely.

Pulp Nation uses the Paypal solution and accepts payments via VISA, MASTERCARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS. 

Orders will be shipped to via post within 1-2 weeks as it is dependent on the shipping destination.

There are no exchange policy for orders as products are checked for defects before being shipped out. 

In the event that the product purchased is sold out, a notification email will be sent together with a full refund. 


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